Transit of these 2 planets in the new year 2023, these zodiac signs will be benefited, sum of money-success and progress. Grah Gochar 2022: Saturn Mercury will transit in January 2023, Taurus Libra Sagittarius Leo Virgo Aquarius will get promotion money, they have to be careful

grah gochar 2023

Shani Budh Grah Transit January 2023: New year is going to start after 3 days and in such a situation, once again the period of change of zodiac of planets is going to start. According to the astrological calendar, Shani Dev will first transit on January 17, 2023 (Shani Gochar 2023). On this day Saturn will change its zodiac and enter its own zodiac Aquarius, according to astrology, whenever a planet changes its zodiac sign, it affects the lives of all zodiac signs.

Saturn has a very special significance in Vedic astrology, it is also called the god of justice. Shani changes zodiac in two and a half years, in this way it takes 30 years for him to return to the same zodiac again, in this case there is a special opportunity because after about 30 years, Shani will once again change its course and enter Aquarius. going to do

How will be the effect on zodiac signs

It will be beneficial for Taurus, Gemini, Libra. New opportunities will come in the lives of the people of these zodiac signs, career related problems will be removed. There will be chances of progress in business. Health will also have a good effect. Luck will support you and you will get success. Saturn’s bed will end on the people of Libra and Gemini. The same will have a favorable effect on the people of Sagittarius, Libra and Gemini. You will get success in your work, you will get good luck and there will be an increase in respect and fame in the society.

Taurus Saturn’s zodiac change will be fruitful for these people. With progress in the economic sector, benefits in the workplace, there are also possibilities of traveling abroad.

Libra In the horoscope, the opposite Raja Yoga will be formed in the fifth house. In the new year, there can be progress in both work and business. The family atmosphere will be pleasant and peaceful. There will be increase in income, employment opportunities and success in business.

Sagittarius In the year 2023, Saturn’s half-and-half will end in the horoscope of Sagittarius and they will get the auspicious results of opposite Raja Yoga this year. Along with increase in self-confidence, advancement in the field of work, there will be benefits in other works as well. There will be chances of increase in income, respect and promotion in job.

Mercury Transit

Mercury is called the king of all planets and according to astrology, Mercury is the lord of Gemini and Virgo. Mercury will change its course again in the new year. According to the Panchang, today, on December 28, at 5:10 am, Mercury has entered Capricorn from Sagittarius, now it will transit till 4:46 pm on February 27, then leave for Aquarius.

Before this, it will turn retrograde on Thursday, December 29 at 3:01 pm, then it will return to Sagittarius at 10:07 pm on December 30. Then Mercury will be retrograde on January 18 at 6:42 pm and will again enter Capricorn on February 7. They will transit till February 27, after which they will enter Aquarius.

effect on zodiac signs

Leo sun sign- Being Mercury’s Margi can prove to be beneficial. Apart from the attainment of child happiness, benefits in higher education, happiness in love relations, you can spend a good time with your partner.

Virgo- The transit of Mercury can prove to be auspicious and fruitful. There will be opportunities to buy vehicles and property. The relation with the mother will be very strong and you will get her full support. Also, you can go for a walk with family or friends at this time.

Aquarius: The transit of Mercury can prove to be favourable. Because the planet Mercury is going to be transitory in the 11th house from your zodiac sign. Which is considered as the sense of income and profit. There can be a tremendous increase in income. There is a special benefit of hard work, there are chances of profit from stock market, betting and lottery.

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