Tourism In MP: Madhya Pradesh is becoming the choice of tourists, booking of hotels completed before December. MP Tourism is becoming the choice of tourists, booking of hotels completed before December

Tourism In MP
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Tourism in MP: The winter season has started. The fun of traveling in winter is something else, people take 5 to 6 days off and go for a trip where they can enjoy in peace. This year maximum number of people are going to visit the tourist places of Madhya Pradesh. People coming to visit Madhya Pradesh are enjoying Indore and Ujjain the most.

Apart from this, most people go to Pachmarhi in this season because there is no such view and peace anywhere. In such a situation, if you are also planning to visit any tourist place in Madhya Pradesh between 20 to 31, then you may have to pay a hefty amount. Actually, due to the full booking of all the hotels, you may have to pay double the rent, as well as your daily expenses can also go into thousands.

80% of Indore hotels booked โ€“

Talking about Indore, the number of people visiting tourist places around Indore has increased this year. Many people are coming to see the nearby locations of Indore and to enjoy the weather. In such a situation, all the hotels here are already booked. About 80% of the rooms are booked, the remaining 20% โ€‹โ€‹of the rooms are going to be available at double the price.

Apart from this, one may have to spend up to 50 thousand rupees for a room in Pachmarhi in this season. On the other hand, a room up to Rs 13,000 will be available in the hotel of Sailani Tapu. Earlier, a room was available for Rs 8,000 per day, but now its cost has reached Rs 50,000.

Up to 40 percent increase in the rent of hotels

Because this is the first year after the Corona epidemic when people are going to visit such places. Although people have gone here for a walk earlier also, but this year in the winter season, the maximum crowd can be seen here. Because even before the beginning of December, hotel rooms in tourist places of Madhya Pradesh have been booked. Apart from this, the rooms of the hotels of Ujjain and Maheshwar are also all booked.

People have already done pre booking. The room rent of these hotels is also double. It is being said that there has been an increase of up to 40 percent in the fare. This is happening for the first time when the rent is increasing so much. Because before the Corona epidemic, the rent of hotels used to be low, but this year more number of tourists are expected to come, because of this the rent has also been doubled.

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