Today is the 87th birthday of Bollywood’s Heeman Dharmendra, Hema Malini congratulated in this style

Happy Birthday Dharmendra: Today is the birthday of He-Man Dharmendra of the Hindi film industry. Today he is celebrating his 87th birthday and on this occasion, from his family members to all Bollywood stars and fans are congratulating him and wishing him a lot. But the most special congratulation has been given by his wife and famous actress Hema Malini. She has showered lots of love on Dharmendra while sharing her lovely photo.

Veteran actor Dharmendra was born on December 8, 1935 in Punjab. His name is one of the most handsome actors of the Hindi film industry. He is special in that on one hand he has done typical commercial films, while on the other hand he has also done films which reflect deep social commitment. For us, while Dharmendra is ‘Veeru’ doing drama by climbing on a tank, he is also ‘Satyakam’ fighting corruption. He is also Ashok of ‘Anupama’ and ‘Pyare Mohan’ of ‘Chupke Chupke’ or Dr. Parimal Tripathi who comes from ‘Lauhpath Gamini Agni Rath’. His passion for fitness and poetry, his manners, the softness of his behavior, and being active on social media to connect with his loved ones is very special in itself. This is the reason why he is still loved by millions of people.

On his birthday, Hema Malini has shared a couple photo of both of them in which they are complementing each other very beautifully. In this, she is wearing a blooming pink saree and Dharmendra ji is also looking good in a light peach colored shirt. The love story of these two is no less than a film story and even today it inspires many people. On this special day, Hema Malini tweeted, ‘Today on the birthday of dear Dharam ji, I am praying for his good health. I wish her a long and healthy life filled with happiness and joy. My prayers are with him today and forever. Happy birthday to the love of my life. ,

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