Thugs are cheating the devotees of Mahakal, money is being looted in the name of hotel booking

Ujjain News: Devotees coming to visit Baba Mahakal in Ujjain are constantly becoming targets of cyber thugs. After the expansion of Mahakal Lok, there has been an increase in the number of devotees, now thugs are taking advantage of this. These miscreants have put their mobile numbers in the name of hotel booking on social media sites. When a devotee contacts them for online booking, they cheat them.

Recently some such incidents have come to the fore where people got cheated after talking on the numbers given on the social media site in the name of hotel booking. As long as the victim comes to know about the fraud done to him, these miscreants change his number and delete all the data. Many people are unable to even complain about miscreants due to lack of evidence.

The latest case happened with a Shradhal who had come from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. He checked the social media site to get hotel booking done in Mahakal area. To book a room in Srisurya Dharamshala, he paid Rs 2800 on the given number. When he reached the hotel to stay, he came to know that no room was booked in his name. As soon as the fraud was detected, he reached Mahakal police station and the state cyber cell to complain.

Another case happened with a devotee from Odisha where the thugs took Rs 9,000 as advance for booking online. When he reached the hotel, he was told that there was no room booking here. After this, the victim lodged a written complaint at the Mahakal police station.

Tell that the miscreants who are committing online fraud have prepared fake maps in the name of hotels of Ujjain and have put their own numbers. Whenever a person contacts them for booking, they get the money transferred online and delete all the transaction data so that no one can catch them. It has also come to the fore that this is the handiwork of thugs linked to Jharkhand and Bihar.

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