This Union minister in support of Uma Bharti, told drug addiction a conspiracy against the young generation. Union Minister Kaushal Kishore in support of Uma Bharti told drug addiction a conspiracy against the young generation

uma bharti

Jabalpur News : Former Chief Minister Uma Bharti, who is running the campaign of de-addiction and liquor ban in Madhya Pradesh, has now been supported by a minister of the Central Government. Union Minister of State Kaushal Kishore, who reached Jabalpur, said that drug addiction is a big conspiracy to destroy the young generation, against which there is a need to stand together, Uma Bharti ji is doing absolutely right.

Talking to the media, Union Minister of State Kaushal Kishore said that I have never taken any kind of drugs in my life, my son Akash Kishore started taking drugs in the company of friends, I am an MP, my wife is an MLA, I have treated my son a lot, He was kept in the hospital for 6-6 months but could not be saved, the intoxication damaged his liver and he died.

I took an oath on his funeral pyre that I could not save my son but I will not let other’s sons die of drug addiction, so I started drug addiction movement, on November 14 this year 5 crore six and a half lakh people fulfilled their vow not to take drugs. In the country, from December 31, 2022 to January 01, 2023, 10 crore people will take a pledge not to take drugs in two days.

Uma Bharti is doing the right thing, CM Shivraj Singh is also working to make Madhya Pradesh drug-free, he said that our country is in the grip of drugs, there is a conspiracy to destroy the new generation by trapping them That’s why everyone has to work unitedly to save the children of the country.

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