This post office scheme will make you a millionaire, you will get a bonus of Rs 9.6 lakh, know the details here. business


Post Office Scheme: India Post Office offers many such schemes, by taking advantage of which you can get a good option of safe investment with excellent returns. One such special scheme is the “Anticipated Endowment Assurance Scheme”, in which if investors buy a sum assured of Rs 10 lakh, they get a total return of Rs 13.6 lakh. This scheme is known as Sumangal Plan, in which only the bonus amount is Rs 9.6 lakh. Along with this, investors also get moneyback of Rs 2-2 lakh thrice for depositing Rs 5,000 every month.

This is a unique post life insurance plan that offers great moneyback benefits. It is a good option for investors who want periodic returns. The maximum sum assured of this plan is up to Rs 50 lakh. If the policyholder survives till maturity, he gets the benefit of the bonus. But after the death of the investor during this insured individual policy term, the nominee gets the benefit of bonus along with all other facilities.

this is the calculation

Its policy term is 15 to 20 years. In which moneyback of up to 20-20% of the sum assured is available in the 6th, 9th and 12th years. At present, under this scheme, a bonus of Rs 48 is being received on the sum assured of Rs 1000. According to this, if a person at the age of 20 years takes a policy of 10 years sum assured for full 20 years and deposits Rs 5000 every month, the premium amount including taxes goes up to Rs 5173. After which he gets moneyback of 2-2-2 lakhs on 8th, 12th and 16th year. In which in total, in 20 years only the bonus amount goes up to Rs 9.6 lakh. After maturity, the investor gets a total return of Rs 13.6 lakh including Rs 9.6 lakh bonus amount along with Rs 4 lakh.

Eligibility to buy the plan

To avail the benefits of this scheme, the age of the investor should be minimum 19 years and maximum 45 years. You must be 40 years old to buy a plan for 20 years. Apart from this, investors who are 45 years old can buy this scheme for 15 years.

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