This low light color will enhance the look of thick black hair, try it

This low light color will enhance the look of thick black hair, try it

Lifestyle, Desk reports. Once upon a time, full black hair was considered the most beautiful. But now the hair is dyed in different colors. Instead of giving a different color to the whole hair, some people highlight the hair with different colors. Till now, bleach or shades of brown colors were used to highlight the hair. But some such low light colors are also available. Which give a different stylish look to black colored hair and also look classy.

gray shade

By the way, if the hair starts looking gray, then there is tension that age is not dominating. But now the trend of graying hair has increased. These days the trend of giving gray tone to the hair has increased among the girls. Together the Gombe shade is mixed. Due to which the braids look very beautiful.

queen color

The burgundy color of Rani Color also looks different in the hair. The queen color tone is given in the middle of the hair below. As soon as the light falls, that much portion of the hair shines differently and the black color only enhances the beauty of the hair.

light brown

The trend of brown hair color with black can never get old. The hair should be completely black and in the middle highlight the locks with light brown color. After this you will be amazed to see your own hair. This color combination gives a very smart and sober look. Which will not have any problem in carrying it to the office as well.

light blue color

You can also give a completely different look to the hair by highlighting it with light blue color. This shade of blue looks very classy. In which dyed hair also looks very smart.

take care like this

Once the hair is colored with a low light shade, then you will have to take a little trouble to take care of it. After coloring the hair should be protected from direct sunlight. Special hair products will also have to be used so that the hair gets proper care. Avoid washing hair with hot water. Also, when the hair grows diagonally, then get them set again by going to the parlor. So that, the complete look of low light color can be seen.

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