This is the special scheme of post office, account holders get the facility of loan and cashback. business

Post Office Scheme: Many small savings schemes are run by the post office. By taking advantage of which you can get good returns on small investments. From time to time, the post office also brings different schemes. One of them is Premium Savings Account. Many facilities are provided under this savings account. Which includes loan, door step banking and cashback etc. Anyone above 10 years of age can take advantage of this. However, some conditions have to be fulfilled for this.

take advantage like this

KYC is mandatory for premium savings account. Paying GST of about 150 rupees is required for opening the account. At the same time, GST of Rs 99 is deducted every year. There is no minimum amount prescribed for the account to avail this facility, but Rs 200 is required to open the account. You can open this account by visiting any branch of the post office.

Many facilities are available

Now talking about other facilities available under this account, there is no limit for withdrawal and deposit of money. You can withdraw and deposit money as per your convenience. Along with this, door step facility is also provided by the bank at the time of need. Account holders are also given the facility of debit card of both physical and virtual debit cards. Cashback is also available on bill payment.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this news is only to share information. MP Breaking News does not recommend investing in any scheme. This can be risky. Do take the advice of experts.

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