Thieves took away 200 sacks of cement from building material shop, police investigating

Vidisha News: These days the spirits of thieves are seen high in Vidisha. Questions are being raised on the security system of the police by carrying out the theft incident here. A similar case was seen today when thieves ran away with sacks of cement from the building material shop.

The incident took place at the building material supplier’s shop in front of the RTO office on Mukherjee Nagar Road, Vidisha. Two thieves reached here who had brought a tractor trolley along. Cutting the lock of the shop with a cutter, they entered inside and disappeared after filling the sacks of cement in a tractor trolley.

According to the information given by the shopkeeper, 200 bags of cement have been made missing from the shop. Apart from this, diesel has also been stolen from a tractor standing outside. The incident of theft has been recorded in the CCTV camera installed on the spot. When the employees reached the shop in the morning, they came to know about the theft after seeing the locks cut. After this, a case of theft was registered against unknown miscreants in Kotwali police station.

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