Thief entered the house wearing a girl’s dress, fled with goods worth lakhs

Ujjain News: These days incidents of theft are being seen continuously in Ujjain. Thieves are getting away from under the nose of the police after committing theft incidents and the police are sitting on their hands. Due to the cold night and the lethargic attitude of the police, the morale of the miscreants is high and they are continuously carrying out the incidents of theft. One such incident took place last night in a house located in Dhannalal’s chawl. Taking advantage of the fact that all the family members were sleeping here, the thief stole goods worth lakhs of rupees.

Jagdish Verma was sleeping with his family in Dhannalal’s chawl under Nilganga police station area. At around 4:30 a thief entered the house in the disguise of a girl and disappeared from the cupboard with 70000 cash including mangalsutra, ring, earrings and chain. This whole incident has been captured in CCTV camera.

Thief reached in girl’s dress

Jagdish Verma works in Udyogpuri. The thief entered his house after 4 o’clock in the morning by opening the iron door comfortably. She was wearing a green salwar kameez and a scarf was tied over her face. It is visible in the CCTV camera that he first did Reiki around and then entered inside the house and carried out the theft incident.

threatened with a knife

This thief entered the house so quietly that the family members did not get a clue. But while he was stealing, the key fell from his hand. Hearing the sound of something falling, Prabhav Verma, who was sleeping there, woke up. When he challenged the thief, he threatened to kill him by showing a knife and ran away from the spot by closing the gate of the house from outside.

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