They were fearlessly marrying a minor in the marriage garden, a phone call blew the lid off. A minor girl was marrying fearlessly in the marriage garden, a phone call exposed

Gwalior News: Everyone knows that child marriage means marriage of a minor is a crime, yet some people ignore it, the special thing is that till now such complaints come in mass marriage ceremonies and then the administration and the police together take action but The matter of marriage of a minor in a marriage garden in Gwalior came to the fore and after a complaint, the police took action on it.

There was a wedding ceremony last night at Aastha Marriage Garden, located in Sirol police station area in Gwalior, the bride’s side was eagerly waiting for the procession, but even after several hours, the procession did not reach, but the police and child line team definitely reached. . The child line and the police asked for the birth documents of the bride from the bride’s side, but the relatives could not provide them, after which the police took the bride into custody and sent her to the One Stop Center.

In fact, a 15-year-old minor resident of village Behat was getting married by her family to a 24-year-old youth living in Gwalior city, after the news of the minor’s marriage came out, an aware person informed Child Line, Child Line Gwalior’s District Coordinator Rajendra Soni said that our team became active on the phone, informed the Sirol police station and reached the marriage garden and then took action.

He said that documents related to the age of the girl have been sought from the family members, if they do not show, then the girl will be presented before the CWC and permission for an age-related medical test will be given to her, so that her exact age can be known. On the other hand, SP Amit Sanghi said that if the girl is proved to be a minor, action will be taken against whoever is involved in the crime of getting her married.

Atul Saxena’s report from Gwalior

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