These 5 big changes happened in the tech sector in the year 2022, be ready for the new year too, know here

Changes In Tech Sector: The year 2022 was very special for the world of technology. Many big changes were seen. Such features were seen in smartphones, which would have been difficult to imagine a few years ago. At the same time, the social media platform was also no less. There were also many changes in platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter. Not only this, in the tech sector, India was also successful in creating its new identity among the whole world. Out of which the biggest achievement was to give global recognition to 5G services and UPI. Not only this, the government also launched E-Rupee, which is nothing less than a revolution.

Single charger rule applied

The European Union has implemented the single charger rule for mobile devices in the year 2022. For which the seal of approval was also put on the production of USB Type C. For which a Task Force was also constituted. The possibilities have also increased as soon as the rules of universal charging port are implemented.

5G service

The biggest change in India is 5G service. Which was started in many cities of the country this year itself. Telecom companies Jio and Airtel have started in many places till now. There is also a plan to start it in the whole country in the future.

Changes to Twitter

Twitter which is the world’s largest social media platform. There have been many changes on that too. New features have arrived years after Elon Musk bought it. Blue ticks have also changed. The tick is also different for different categories of users.

E-rupee will change the picture of India

Reserve Bank of India has also launched digital currency this year. It will be used in both retail and wholesale ways. Its pilot was rolled out in November this year. Then its retail was also started in December.

UPI reached global level

Unified Payment Interface has been adopted by many countries of the world. Now apart from India, this payment method will be seen in many other countries as well. This list also includes Belgium, Switzerland, Britain and Luxembourg.

There will be changes in the new year as well

Many changes can be seen in the coming year as well. There will be many changes on Twitter and WhatsApp. Also smartphones will become even smarter. In the year 2023, artificial intelligence will become even more advanced. Smartphones and devices available in the market will become even smarter. E-rupee will reach the common man and changes will also be seen in UPI.

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