Theft of Jain temple revealed, plan was made in jail, theft with partner after being released on bail. Gwalior police disclosed the theft of Panihar Jain temple, two accused arrested, Jain society honored the police

Gwalior Crime News: The Gwalior police have arrested two vicious thieves (nakbjans) who stole Ashtadhatu idol, umbrella and donation box from the Jain temple located in Panihar, along with the stolen goods, one of the arrested miscreants is a habitual criminal of Saraichola police station in Morena district. More than a dozen crimes of theft and loot are registered, he had planned theft in Jain temple with the help of a miscreant resident of Panihar while in jail, on the other hand, Jain society has expressed happiness over the disclosure of theft and respect of Gwalior police. Have done

Theft of Jain temple revealed, plan was made in jail, theft with partner after being released on bail

On the intervening night of November 30 and December 01, the Ashtadhatu idol of Lord Adinath and 06 umbrellas and three donation boxes were stolen from the Adishvardham Jain temple located in village Panihar. After the incident, the Jain society complained about it in the Panihar police station, since the incident of theft was related to the religious sentiments of the people, so SP Amit Sanghi, seeing the seriousness of the matter, gave instructions for the immediate arrest of the accused, alerted the teams.

Meanwhile, the SP was told by the informer that the vicious thief (Nakbajan) who had stolen in the Panihar Adishvardham Jain temple has been seen around Jairogya Hospital Gwalior. As soon as the information was received, the Superintendent of Police directed Additional SP City (East/Crime) Rajesh Dandotia and Regional SP City (West) Gajendra Singh Vardhman to form a team of Crime Branch and Panihar police station to nab the vicious thief.

As soon as the instructions of the officials were received, the joint team of Crime Branch and Panihar police station reached Jayarogya Hospital at the place mentioned by the informer. The police team saw a suspicious person of the appearance told by the informer standing, seeing the police team, the suspect tried to run away from the spot, but the police laid siege and caught him on the spot. On interrogation, he confessed to stealing in the Jain temple along with one of his other accomplices in Thana Panihar area.

On detailed enquiry, the police came to know that the said vicious thief was a habitual criminal of Police Station Saraichola, District Morena, against whom many serious crimes of theft and robbery were registered. The caught vicious thief, along with two other accomplices, has accepted the theft of Lord Adinath’s idol and 06 brass umbrellas and three donation boxes from the Jain temple.

The accused told during interrogation that he had recently come out of jail on bail last month. In the jail, he met a vicious Nakabjan, a resident of village Panihar, who told him that the Jain temple situated near village Panihar had golden idols and golden umbrellas. The accused planned to steal the idol and the students while in jail.

The accused said that after being released from jail, he along with another accomplice went to the Jain temple on the pretext of visiting the Jain temple at around 11 am on November 30 and did a recee of the temple and committed the theft in the night along with his other two accomplices. carried out On the trail of the arrested Nakabjan, the police seized the Ashtadhatu idol of Lord Adinath from him and arrested another accomplice involved in the theft from village Rupwas, district Bharatpur (Rajasthan), from whom six brass umbrellas and money were stolen from the donation box. Out of this a total of Rs 1110/- has been seized. The police is interrogating both the vicious naqabjans Jandel Gurjar and Collector Singh in relation to other accomplices.

The Jain community of Gwalior has expressed happiness over the disclosure of the theft and the seizure of all the items including the Ashtadhatu idol of Lord Adinath, the people of the Jain community reached the police control room and thanked the police officers and employees and honored them.

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