Theft in Jain temple revealed, police arrested thief who went to sell idol

Ujjain Crime News:Thieves had carried out the theft incident in the Jain temple located at Nayapura in Jhajjain on last Wednesday-Thursday night. The miscreants fled away with 25 thousand cash along with the idol of God enshrined in the temple. Seeing the seriousness of the matter, the police, showing immediate action, arrested a vicious thief.

The miscreant was going to sell the stolen idol in the market when the police caught him. Due to this incident of theft in the temple, a lot of resentment was being seen among the society. Thieves took away three idols of God along with 25 thousand cash kept in the donation box of the temple. The matter was reported when the priest reached the spot to open the temple door. The priest who reached the temple early in the morning found the main gate of the temple and the gate of Bhandara broken. He immediately informed the people associated with the temple and the police, after which the theft was revealed.

At the time of the incident, the CCTV camera installed in the temple was off due to which the footage could not be found. The police had started scanning the CCTV cameras installed around the temple. Amidst the investigation of the case, through the informer, the Jivajiganj police station received information that a young man had gone out to sell the idol of God. When the young man was caught after siege, an idol stolen from the Jain temple was found from him.

a thief is a habitual offender

After arresting the thief, the police told that he is a habitual criminal and had committed theft in the past as well. A young man from Bheru Nala has been involved in about 11 thefts. While selling the idol, the police caught it and recovered three idols apart from the cash. In these idols, Ashta Mangal of Ashtadhatu, idol of Lord Adinath and Siddha Chakra Patal of Ashtadhatu have been recovered by the police.

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