The young man created a false story of robbery, the police revealed it in about 5 hours. dabra news young man created a false story of robbery the police revealed it in about 5 hours. dabra news

Dabra Crime News: In Dabra tehsil of Gwalior district, a young man had lodged a report of robbery of about ₹ 2 lakh 60 thousand with him in the police station, but the city police station has made shocking revelations in a few hours. It is being told by the police that in order to implicate the enemy, a case has come to light of a young man creating a false story of robbery with himself. When the police suspected the case of robbery, after a short investigation, the matter was solved and disclosed. done.

this is the case

In fact, Station Road Goraghat resident Narendra (Mithu) Sahu’s son Radhe Lal Sahu has a hotel in Goraghat. On Thursday evening, while giving information to the police, he told that he had come to Dabra from his bike to pay 2 lakh 60 thousand rupees at the grocery store in Dabra. He kept the money in polythene and kept it in his jacket. He had reached near Raipur crossing on the highway by bike that some armed miscreants riding on two bikes stopped his bike and looted his money.

SDOP Vivek Sharma told that after the incident, when the police searched the CCTV footage, they did not see any bike rider on whom the police suspected. After this, when the police questioned Narendra in the matter, he told the robbery conspiracy to implicate his enemy. He told the police that he was coming to Dabra grocery store to pay the money, when he checked the money on the way, he did not have the money because he had forgotten the money at home, on which he panicked and was scolded by the family and asked for the money. Fearing loss, he created this false robbery story.

Dabur City police station in-charge KP Yadav told. A youth named Narendra Sahu, a resident of Goraghat, informed at 5:00 pm that he had been robbed on the highway. So the police reached the spot on the basis of the location where the complainant had told that two bike riders had parked the bike in front of him and committed the robbery, there the CCTV footage was checked, then there was nothing like that in the footage. Found as told by the complainant, the police got suspicious and after interrogating the complainant, the police disclosed the case within a few hours in which the complainant herself fabricated the story of the robbery after panicking for fear of losing the money. was created. At present, the police have also recovered the money of the complainant, which the complainant had forgotten at home.
Arun Rajak’s report from Dabra

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