The student organization accused the management of arbitrariness, submitted a memorandum to the administration. guna news student organization accused the management of arbitrariness memorandum submitted to the administration. guna news

Guna PG College : Accusing the management of arbitrariness in Guna PG College, the student organization DSO has submitted a memorandum to the district administration. The organization alleges that they had earlier approached the college principal regarding the student problem, but instead of listening to the problem of the students, the principal ignored it.

Thursday was the last date for filling the examination form of third semester of postgraduate classes in PG College Guna. It is being told that many students could not fill their forms due to non-approval of their forms. The college management has cited non-registration of attendance in classes as the reason for this. While the students protesting against the approval of the form of other students objected.

Students made allegations

The students argue that the attendance rule was introduced in the middle of the session. Earlier no such rule was told for the students in the first and second semester. Now the students are facing problems due to the sudden implementation of the rules. While not a single class of English subject was conducted in the second semester, the attendance rule was relaxed. Amid protests by the students, the college management told the district administration that they have approved the forms. However, the student body has warned that if the management does not approve the form of the students, then agitation will be done.
Sandeep Dixit’s report from Guna

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