The people of Indore should be careful, in these 11 areas the police will keep an eye on the camera, the sound will also be recorded. People of Indore should be careful, in these 11 areas, the police will keep an eye on the camera, the sound will also be recorded


Indore Police: Police in Indore is continuously making new efforts to keep an eye on the credibility of the suspicious people. More recently another innovation has been done by the police team to keep watch in sensitive areas. It is being told that good quality cameras have been installed in a total of 11 areas including Bombay Bazaar, Fountain Chowk, Kadavghat, Taj Building, Jawahar Marg, Naya Peetha, Mochipura, Udapura Tea, Pinjara Bakhal and Saifee School in Indore.

Due to which now the police will be able to keep an eye on everyone while sitting and listen to their voices as well. Because the cameras that have been installed are of high quality, the voice will also be heard in it. In such a situation, people will now need to be alert the most. Because the police will take note of everything said by the people.

The special thing is that if a large crowd is seen in these areas, the police will make an announcement on the speaker and remove it. Station in-charge and beat in-charge will be able to see the activities of these 11 areas every moment. According to the information, on Wednesday, Police Commissioner Harinarayanachari Mishra started ‘virtual patrolling’ in Pandharinath police station area. In such a situation, on behalf of an institute, the police have installed 32 CCTV cameras in these 11 areas.

Will keep an eye like this –

  • Police will be able to watch live activities of people in their beat for 24 hours.
  • If suspicious person or unnecessary crowd is seen then police will broadcast message through speaker and mobile.
  • If the person responds after hearing the voice of the policeman, then all that will be heard.
  • The voice will also be recorded along with the recording in the camera.
  • The control unit of the cameras will remain in the police station, but it will also be connected to the mobile phones of the beat in-charge and the constables.
  • The cameras are of color and night vision, so everything can be recorded with clarity.

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