The Municipal Corporation employee who was repairing the high mast came under the grip of the high tension line, died on the spot. Municipal employee repairing high mast came in grip of high tension line, died on the spot

Gwalior News: The employee of Gwalior Municipal Corporation died today while on duty, the employee had gone to fix the high mast in Topi Bazar, when some part of his body came under the grip of the high tension line coming out from nearby, his body caught fire as soon as he got electrocuted. Flames started rising, the companions brought him down with difficulty but by then he had died.

A painful accident took place in the Topi market in Kotwali police station area of ​​Gwalior this evening, the market was closed due to Tuesday, and the employees of the municipal electricity department had gone there to repair the closed high mast, Assistant Line Main Lal on the trolley Singh Chauhan was working, suddenly some part of his body touched the high tension line passing by and his body caught fire.

As soon as the fire broke out, the corporation employees present with him lost their senses, the driver of the car somehow lowered the trolley, people tried their best to save Lal Singh, ran to Jairogya Hospital with him, but his body was badly scorched, where the doctors Declared him dead after checking. The deceased employee Lal Singh Chauhan was a regular employee of Municipal Corporation.

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