The merchant allowed the cashier to deposit one lakh rupees, another person absconded with the cash, commotion in the bank. The businessman gave one lakh rupees to deposit the cashier of HDFC Bank, another person absconded with the cash

Gwalior Crime News: In Gwalior, a vicious person threw dust in the eyes of the bank cashier and told someone else’s cash to be his own, and as soon as the incident came to light, there was a stir in the bank and CCTV footage was searched in which the person was seen standing at the window. To whom the cashier gave cash, the bank management has complained about the incident to the police, the police is investigating the matter.

In the branch of HDFC Bank located in the Inderganj police station area of ​​Gwalior, a vicious miscreant escaped with one lakh rupees in cash. Actually the whole matter is something like this, Rajesh Arora, a businessman living in Janakganj area, went to HDFC Bank branch today to deposit cash in his three accounts.

Rajesh Arora had gone to deposit 2.5 lakh rupees, he filled the slips of all the three accounts separately and gave the slip and cash to the cashier, the cashier asked to come back after 15 minutes, then he went to another counter for some other work. When Rajesh Arora returned and asked for all the three deposit slips, the cashier gave two slips.

But when the merchant asked for the third slip, the cashier said that the person who came with you took the cash back, on hearing this, Rajesh Arora got angry at the cashier, he said that he had come alone and he said that I have given cash of one lakh rupees to you. Gave me back

Seeing the ruckus, the whole staff gathered, after listening to both of them, the CCTV of the bank was seen, in which a person is seen standing at the cash window, according to the cashier, the same person has taken the money, the bank management informed the Inderganj police station. , Police says that CCTVs are being watched and the matter has been taken up for investigation.

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