The lower court awarded death sentence to the killer of warts and aunt, the High Court reserved the verdict. Lower court awarded death sentence to killer MP High Court reserved decision

MP High Court : Hearing was held in the High Court today on the matter of capital punishment given to the lower court for the murder of warts and aunt in a land dispute, the High Court has reserved the decision after the hearing.

In Singrauli district, in 2014, due to a land dispute, a young man had killed his aunt and uncle. The incident came to light when the bodies of both were found floating in the well. After the incident, the police arrested the accused and presented him in the lower court where he was sentenced to death. In the case of capital punishment by the lower court, a hearing was held in the High Court and the court reserved the verdict. A division bench of Justice Sujay Pal and Justice PC Gupta reserved its decision after hearing the arguments of all the parties.

Let us tell you that on November 27, 2019, the Singrauli court had sentenced the accused Ramchag to death for the murder of his aunt. Ramjag had earlier also been accused of murder in which he was hanged but later he was acquitted in this case, on the basis of which the Singrauli Sessions Court sentenced him to death by looking at his criminal record.

Advocate Arvind Pathak, on behalf of the accused Ramjag, told the court that the decision of the lower court was challenged in the High Court in 2019, Corona but the decision did not come due to infection, now the case was heard again. The case reached the High Court for confirmation of the death sentence, the counsel for the accused argued that there is no eye witness in this case and only having an old criminal record, such a huge punishment should not be given.

Sandeep Kumar’s report from Jabalpur

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