The Lokayukta arrested the police sub-inspector red-handed while taking a bribe of Rs.20,000. Sagar Lokayukta arrested police sub-inspector posted in Panna red handed taking bribe of Rs.20000

Sagar Lokayukta News : The team of Sagar Lokayukta police has arrested a police sub-inspector posted in Panna red-handed while accepting a bribe of Rs.[उलिससबइंस्पेक्टरकोबीसहजाररुपयेकीरिश्वतलेतेरंगेहाथोंगिरफ्तारकियाहैएसआईफरियादीसेएकप्रकरणमेंधाराएँबढ़ानेकीएवजमेंरिश्वतकीमांगकारहाथा।

Twenty thousand bribe was sought to increase the sections in the case

Giving information, SP Rameshwar Yadav said that the applicant Bhajju Parihar resident of village Hardua, outpost Hardua police station Simaria district Panna had given a complaint application, in lieu of increasing the sections in the case of the complaint by sub-inspector Hariram Upadhyay, outpost in-charge and arresting the accused. Had talked about a bribe of twenty thousand rupees.

Lokayukta Sagar’s team arrested red handed

After verifying the complaint, Sagar Lokayukta’s team sent the applicant to Hardua outpost in-charge SI Hariram Upadhyay after giving advice and as soon as the applicant gave him the bribe amount of twenty thousand rupees, as soon as the team of Lokayukta prepared there got him ready Arrested red handed.

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