The land was also lost, the compensation was also not received, know the whole matter. sehore news the land was also lost compensation was not received. sehore news

Sehore Public Hearing News : More than a dozen villagers of Bichiya village of Shyampur tehsil of Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh have been making rounds of the government departments since the year 2017, have given all the applications to the officials and have also rubbed their noses on many door frames, yet these villagers have not got justice. Could not get, in the hope of justice, this villager is still forced to stumble from door to door.

this is the case

In fact, the whole matter is such that in the year 2017, the railway department had acquired the agricultural land of these villagers, more than a dozen farmers of Bichhiya village are still wandering about the compensation for this acquired land. He has given dozens of applications to public hearing, tehsildar, sdm, collector to commissioner, but the result is the same three layers of cover, on the other hand, the railway department has also started its work on the acquired land.

Villagers made allegations

These farmers of Bichiya village again reached the collector’s office for public hearing. The allegation of these villagers is that their land has been acquired but the compensation which was to be given in 7 days has not yet been received, those who have received the compensation is also half incomplete, some of the villagers are not even named in the compensation list, Have to say that if the administration does not get serious about the matter soon, then there will be no way left for us except to agitate.
Anurag Sharma’s report from Sehore

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