The Kashmir Files: Narottam Mishra’s strong reaction on Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid, said ‘shameful statement’

IFFI Jury Chief Nadav Lapid Slams The Kashmir Files : Jury chief of the 53rd International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa and Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid has called Hindi film ‘The Kashmir Files’ as a ‘propaganda’ and ‘obscene’ film and the matter has now gained momentum. . On social media, people are venting their anger on the Israeli filmmaker. The same Home Minister Narottam Mishra has also reacted strongly to this.

Home Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra has said in a stern tone that ‘Jaake par na phati biwai, woh kya jaane pir parai’. I speak for Nadav Lapid, the filmmaker who commented on The Kashmiri Files. In the decade of 90s, the agony and pain that Kashmiri Hindus had to face after leaving home, business and loved ones, has been brought alive in front of every Indian through the film Kashmir Files. I wish the commenter had once met the suffering Kashmiri Pandits face to face and felt their pain. Your statement seems to be given to a gang with separatist and tukde tukde mentality. The whole country is hurt by this shameful statement of yours and I condemn it.

Let us tell you that the jury chief and Israeli filmmaker Nadav Lapid said that he is upset and surprised by the film’s performance here. In view of the growing uproar over the matter, the jury board of the International Film Festival has dissociated itself from this comment and said that it is their ‘personal opinion’. At the same time, Israel’s ambassador to India Nour Gillon has also reprimanded the filmmaker and said that you should be ashamed. The film is written and directed by Vivek Agnihotri and depicts the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in the 90s. Anupam Kher, who played the lead role in the film, also criticized the statement and said that God bless him.

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