The issue of old pension raised once again after the results of Gujarat-Himachal

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Employees Old Pension Scheme: The old pension scheme has been implemented in Rajasthan including Punjab, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. After this, in many states, the demand of government employees to implement the old pension scheme has started gaining momentum. Now, after the results of the Himachal Pradesh elections, once again the demand to implement the old pension scheme in Madhya Pradesh has started gaining momentum.

The National Movement for Old Pension Scheme India (NMOPS-MP) has said that whoever forms the government in Himachal, but the issue of old pension has been won by all of us. OPS has won. State media in-charge HN Narvariya said that ‘when in 2018 we all started the old pension movement by the NMOPS organization under the leadership of National President Vijay Bandhuji, then people used to say that these people have gone mad, what is this OPS. . No one was taking the name of OPS, but today on the major TV channels of the country, the spokespersons of big political parties are repeatedly taking the name of OPS, so it is very reassuring. Now pension has been restored in 4 states (Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Punjab), Himachal will become the 5th state. 2-3 states like Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh are in the line of old restoration and before 2024 the old pension will definitely be restored across the country. HN Narvariya appealed that everyone should join hands in the movement for the restoration of old pension so that it emerges as an important issue in the upcoming elections in Madhya Pradesh.

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