The information of burying the child alive in the ground created a stir, the police reached the spot and solved the matter

Ratlam News: An atmosphere of sensation was witnessed in Ratlam’s Deendayal Nagar police station area today when the local people here informed the police that the child was buried alive inside the ground. While playing in a field here, some children felt that someone had buried the child in the ground and the sound of his crying was coming, after which people informed the police.

As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot in a hurry and after investigating the matter, something else came to the fore. There is an empty field near the track in Deendayal Nagar police station area where children often play. While playing, these children felt that they were hearing the cry of a small child. He informed the local people about this, after which some people passing by also told about the sound of the child crying from the ground.

Seeing the seriousness of the matter, when the police reached the spot after digging the pit, they found a dead kid from there. People heaved a sigh of relief after the goat kid came out of the pit and the illusion of burying the kid alive ended in the minds of the people.

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