The girl, who was victim of an accident while pouring kerosene in the chimney, died after being badly burnt.

Dewas News: In Dewas, a young woman caught fire while pouring kerosene in the chimney. He died due to severe burns. After the postmortem, the dead body of the girl has been handed over to the relatives and the matter is being investigated.

This incident happened in Agrod area of ​​Dewas. According to information, an 18-year-old girl named Preeti was pouring kerosene in the chimney due to power failure. Then it caught fire. In scorched condition, the relatives took him to the hospital where the doctors declared him dead. The post-mortem of the girl was done this morning after which the body was handed over to the relatives.

mentally disturbed girl

According to the information given by the relatives, it is also being said that the girl was mentally disturbed. The son of the deceased’s aunt says that she was mentally disturbed. His sister and mother have also been called mentally weak by the people. Everyone says that she was behaving strangely for a few days. At night her father had gone to irrigate the field and she was pouring kerosene in the chimney when the electricity went out, in the meantime it caught fire. Due to cold, mother and sister were sleeping in the house. This incident happened at the same time.

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