The employee of the jewelry shop got the theft done at the shop, the miscreants caught by the police while running away

Vidisha News: Vidisha Police has got a big success. While patrolling here, the police caught two miscreants red-handed with stolen goods. The surprising thing is that the young man working in the shop where this theft took place, along with his friends, carried out the incident.

As the cold is increasing, thieves have started carrying out incidents of theft fast. Similarly, in Vidisha’s bullion market, thieves committed theft by breaking open the lock of the shop. In this theft at a jewelery shop, the miscreants were taking away the jewelery and silverware kept in the shop with them. Before these thieves could succeed in their plan, they were caught by the patrolling policemen. The jawans stopped them and seized all the goods, in which silver ornaments were also found.

Giving information about the incident, the police said that a young man who had earlier worked at a jeweler’s shop had made a plan to carry out the incident. The young man along with his companions raided a shop named Gangotri Jewelers and stole silver jewelery and utensils from here. The value of the stolen goods is said to be around Rs 4 lakh. This young man used to work at this shop 4 years ago and he has committed this incident with his colleagues.

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