The driver suffered a heart attack while moving the metro bus, the vehicle collided, three injured. jabalpur news the driver suffered a heart attack while moving the metro bus the vehicle collided three injured. jabalpur news

Jabalpur Accident News: The news of a major accident is coming from Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh where the driver of a metro bus died on the spot due to a heart attack while driving. The name of the bus driver is being told as Devisharan Pal. Whereas this bus used to run on the Damoh Naka to Barela route.

this is the whole matter

Please tell that the driver of the metro bus going from Aadhartal to Ranital at Damoh Naka got a heart attack at around 11 am. Due to which the bus became uncontrolled. During this, the bus hit the car and the rider on the bike in front of the car was hit and he was badly injured. The bus also crushed an e-rickshaw. Somehow the bus was stopped. During this, there was chaos in the Damohnaka area. The bus ride was also nervous. People saw that the driver of the metro bus was lying motionless in the seat. When people went closer and saw, the bus driver’s breath had stopped.

Eyewitnesses said that three people were injured in the accident. Among them are two children, who have been sent to Metro Hospital for treatment. Two other people have minor injuries.

Sub-Inspector Shailendra Singh said that the driver of Metro bus number MP 20 PA 0764, negligently caused an accident in Damoh Naka, an auto and a motorcycle in which many people were injured and the injured were brought to Metro Hospital. And the bus driver was lying unconscious. When he was brought to Metro Hospital for treatment, the doctor here declared him dead. So it is being speculated that the accident happened due to a heart attack on the bus driver.

Sandeep Kumar’s report from Jabalpur

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