The dead body of the married woman was found hanging, the relatives made allegations of murder, created ruckus. Married woman’s dead body found hanging, family alleges murder, created ruckus

Gwalior News: There was an uproar in Gwalior’s Laxmibai Colony when the information about the hanging of a married woman’s body came out, the police reached the spot as soon as the information was received, the people of the woman’s maternal side also reached. Seeing the dead body, the family members started a ruckus and made serious allegations of demanding dowry, torture and murder on the in-laws side.

Trupti, wife of Rakesh Agarwal’s son Mehul Agarwal, who lives in Padav police station area, hanged herself in her room this morning, till the in-laws could understand something, Trupti had died, they took the dead body down and the relatives and the police informed to

As soon as the news of their daughter’s death was received, the relatives reached there and started crying, the relatives alleged that their daughter did not hang herself but she was murdered and hanged, the relatives alleged that Trupti’s mother-in-law Father-in-law and husband Mehul used to trouble everyone.

The relatives said that they got married a year and a half ago, since then they used to harass for dowry, whenever they used to leave them at their maternal home. This morning also the girl was beaten up, after that she was killed and her body was hanged, the relatives made serious allegations against the police for not helping them.

On the other side, the police started the investigation and called the forensic expert to investigate, the police said that in the initial investigation death is visible due to hanging, there are marks on the neck of the deceased. Police sent the dead body to the PM, he says that only after the post mortem report, something will be clear.

Atul Saxena’s report from Gwalior

Married woman's dead body found hanging, family alleges murder, created ruckus

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