The dead body of a young man found at a drug den, know the whole matter. ashoknagar news dead body of a young man found at a drug den. ashok nagar news

Ashok Nagar Crime News: The dead body of a young man has been found in a dilapidated house near Garhi located in the old market of Ashoknagar city of Madhya Pradesh. The name of a young man is Anil Rajak. He was missing from home for two days and has been addicted to drugs. Medicines and injections used for intoxication have been found in four of the five rooms present in the ruins. The death of the young man was also possible, being said to be in a state of intoxication. The police reached the spot and started action by making a panchnama.

Ashoknagar News: Dead body of a youth found at a drug den, know the whole matter

this is the whole matter

The biggest thing in this matter is that when all the talks are being done in the whole city to stop smack and drug abuse, at the same time, a ruined den of drug addicts has been built in the middle of the city. Apart from the narcotics found here, thousands of vials of banned Avil injection have also been found. It is forbidden to dispense this medicine at any medical store without a prescription. Even after this, getting this medicine here in thousands shows great carelessness.

Report of Hitendra Budholia from Ashoknagar

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