The bride came from Japan to marry an Indian boy, after two years of love

Indian Groom Japanese Bride : It is said that love erases every border, every distance. If two people love each other, then neither the difference of culture can affect them, nor the distance of thousands of kilometers can create any hindrance. The same thing has been shown to be true once again by a loving couple, who have recently tied the knot.

This is the story of Ajit Tripathi of Uttar Pradesh and Masako of Japan. Software engineer Ajit is a resident of Deidiha village of Duboulia area in Basti district. His father Rajendra Tripathi is a farmer. After completing his studies, Ajit started a job in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. He has been working as a software engineer at Hikari Tulsen Company in Tokyo for about 8 years. At the same time, Masako also worked as an online marketing manager in Hikari Tulsen Company. In the year 2020, both of them became friends and gradually this friendship turned into love. After this both of them decided to spend whole life together.

Ajit and Masako had made this decision, but it was not so easy to make it come true. It was not an easy task to bridge the distance between the two countries and convince the families of both. For this, both had to work hard for about a year. While Ajit persuaded his parents and family for this marriage, Masako also had to work hard to convince her mother Shasiko and father Nori Fumi. But finally both the families agreed and then the girls reached India to get married.

Ajit and Masako got married last Sunday with full Hindu rituals. Masako, her parents and friends arrive at Harraya. Here Ajit’s family members had made all the preparations for the wedding. Both were married with full pomp in the village. During this, not only the bride and groom, but the families of both were also very happy and everyone accepted this unique couple whole heartedly. Especially for the bride’s side, this marriage and its every ritual was very interesting. After marriage, Masako reached her in-laws house and was warmly welcomed here. It’s been two days since the wedding and the new couple has gone to Lucknow for their honeymoon.

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