Tehsildar was accused of embezzlement of lakhs of rupees, know the whole matter. Neemuch news tehsildar accused of embezzlement of lakhs of rupees. neemuch news

Neemuch Corruption News : Look at the irony of the government office in Neemuch district that the Tehsildar who was accused of embezzlement of money was made the investigating officer and put the whole matter on his subordinate Babu. In different schemes in Tehsil Office Javad, disbursement of amount was withdrawn in the accounts of fake people by declaring them as beneficiaries. It was revealed in February 2022. Then Jawad Tehsildar himself secretly investigated the matter and made Nazir, who was working under him, the main accused. Now there has been a complaint of making Nazir as well as Tehsildar as the main accused. According to the complainant, the disbursement, payment ‘transfer’ of the amount takes place only after the signature and verification of the Jawad Tehsildar. In the investigation, the case was hushed up by making only the employee posted in the Nazarat branch an accused. After the complaint on Tuesday, there has been a new twist in the case. A person from Javad area has told the complete connivance of the then Tehsildar in the embezzlement.

Mahesh Kamaliya of Javad area complained of embezzlement against Neemuch Tehsildar Vivek Gupta. It is alleged that Tehsildar Vivek Gupta, when he was posted in Javad Tehsil, committed embezzlement of more than 7 lakhs in the calamity amount issued to the farmers and the payment to the priests and Kotwars by his signature and verification. From 2019 to 2021, more than 63 fake transactions were done. Funds were distributed and withdrawn from the accounts of fake beneficiaries. In this way, a total transaction of Rs 7 lakh 36 thousand 738 took place in two years. Javad Nazarat branch in-charge Amarsingh Rathore has maintained silence in the matter.

this complaint

Complainant Mahesh Kamaliya mentioned in the complaint to the collector that in 2019, the amount was to be deposited directly in the bank accounts of the concerned farmers as compensation for the damage caused by excessive rains, but the amount deposited in the accounts of the farmers was deposited in the accounts of other people. Went. Payment of remuneration and other amounts to the priests, Kotwars of Javad area is directly deposited in their accounts, but from 2019 to 2021, Tehsildar Vivek Gupta and Nazarat branch in-charge Amarsingh Rathore, in connivance, deposited fake money in the accounts of acquaintances of priests, Kotwar and Nazir. deposited the amount in the manner The portal from which the amount was transferred to fake accounts. The ID of that portal is in the name of Jawad Tehsildar Vivek Gupta and all payments were made only after the verification signature of Tehsildar, but Tehsildar Gupta in his investigation made only Amarsingh Rathore, in-charge of Nazarat branch, as accused. Therefore, on Tuesday, the complainant has also complained of departmental and criminal action against Tehsildar Vivek Gupta alleging cheating and embezzlement.

Neemuch Tehsildar Vivek Gupta said that he is in a meeting right now. The matter being talked about is a very long topic. The matter will be clear only after sitting and explaining because the matter is very long. After a long investigation, the facts have come out in it. This matter has already been investigated in great detail. Investigation on some subjects is still going on. Many things have also come to the fore in the investigation. Like what mistakes happened, who did it, how, on which account number. The embezzlement has been proved in the investigation. The amount embezzled has been recovered. Some recovery remains to be done. I am in a meeting now. I will give full details when I get it.

FIR has been lodged against the accused

Neemuch Collector Mayank Agarwal said that the amount was distributed only after the verification and signature of Tehsildar, but who has embezzled it. He has sent the amount to his family’s accounts. Tehsildar has only given approval. There has been an error in the transfer of funds after approval. In this matter, investigation has been done from SDM and Tehsildar level. An FIR has also been lodged against the accused in the police station. As of now, no complaint has come before me.

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