Teachers Transfer: Government’s new preparation, teachers will get benefits, transfers will be done in home district. Teachers Transfer: Good news for teachers, benefit of transfer will be available in home district only, big announcement of Education Minister

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Teachers Transfer : Employees and teachers will be given a big gift by the state government. In fact, teachers will now get the benefit of transfer in the home district itself. This has been announced by the education minister of the government. Actually TGT and PGT teachers were posted in schools at a distance of 200 -300 km from their home district.

However, now he will be transferred to the home district. Apart from this, the work style is being adopted by the government under the Haryana Skill Employment Corporation to provide employment to the youth. 13000 teachers have been transferred in 2 months. Many of whom were transferred away from their home district.

siege of cm residence

After being transferred so far away from the home district, the government was constantly being opposed by the teachers. In this case, the CM residence was also gheraoed by the teachers. Also, the teachers had alleged that the government had transferred them against the policy.

judgment against teachers

In view of the opposition of the teachers, preparations have been started by the government to bring them back to their home district. Education Minister says that the provision of mutual transfer has been kept. With mutual consent, teachers can apply for transfer to another place. Data on vacant posts is also being collected. It is believed that in the coming days there will be transfer of teachers on a large scale in the state.

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