Teachers Transfer: Good news for teachers, transfers will be done twice a year, the process will be completed in one and a half months, these will be the provisions. Teachers Transfer 2022: Big preparation of department, proposal presented to state government, transfers happen twice a year, process to be completed in one and half months

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Teachers Transfer 2022: There is good news for the employee teachers of the state. Teachers who have been waiting for transfer adjustment for a long time will get a big gift soon. Council school teachers can now be transferred twice a year within the district. Teachers will apply for this throughout the year.

Keeping this application in mind, intra-district transfers of teachers will be done during summer vacations or winter vacations. Director General of School Education Vijay Kiran has sent proposals to the state government in the matter.

Work will be completed within 15 days

Under the issued proposal, after applying for transfer of teachers within the district, their transfer applications will be submitted to the District Basic Education Officer’s office within 15 days. The same transfer process will be completed in one and a half months. Also, their transfer orders will be issued during summer-winter vacations.

These will be provisions

  • Teachers will have to take charge of the school within 1 week from the date of issue of transfer order. Many provisions have also been fixed in the new proposal.
  • Under the new provision, the teacher holding the same subject in the upper primary school will be transferred.
  • In primary schools, provisions have been made to abolish subject compulsion for teachers.
  • Apart from this, the process of transfer from rural to urban and urban to rural areas will not be included.
  • For transfer within the district, a form will be prepared on the website by the School Education Department.
  • Teachers will apply on this form.
  • This form will be kept online so that teachers of other schools can also see it and applications for transfer will be made accordingly.

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