Teachers Recruitment: Good news for the candidates, more than 20,000 posts will be recruited, approval of the department, benefits will be available. MP Teachers Recruitment: Good news for candidates, 20000 teachers will be recruited in 2 years, approval of Finance Department

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MP Teachers Recruitment 2023-25: The recruitment process of teachers is going on fast in Madhya Pradesh, about 29000 teachers of class 1, 2, 3 are being recruited. Along with this, the process of recruitment of more than 20,000 teachers will start in the next 2 years 2023-25. More than 15000 posts are to be recruited by teachers under direct recruitment in 1 year. There are 19163 vacancies in the department. In which 15129 posts have been sanctioned with the permission of the Finance Department.

Actually in 2023 more than 7000 primary teachers are retiring. More than 800 secondary and higher secondary teachers are also set to retire. In such a situation, preparations have been made to fill these vacant posts by the Education Department. In 2023, approval has been given by the Finance Department to fill more than 15000 posts through MP TET exam.

Approval of Finance Department to fill vacant posts

Among the vacant posts, 7468 posts of higher secondary are vacant. Out of which 2750 posts have been approved. Apart from this, recruitment process will be conducted for 5000 posts out of 5098 secondary. Out of 7457 vacant posts of primary teachers, 7429 posts are to be filled in 2023-24.

Advertisement issued after 15 August 2022

Talking about the advertisement released after 15 August 2022 Higher Secondary Teacher Recruitment Advertisement has been issued on 29 September 2022 for 2750 posts by the School Education Department while 1325 by the Tribal Affairs Department for a total of 4075 posts.

Other than this for secondary teacher recruitment Advertisements have been issued on 29 September 2022 for 5000 posts by the School Education Department and 1539 by the Tribal Affairs Department for a total of 6539 posts.

Recruitment process of primary teachers The recruitment process is being organized for a total of 18527 posts with 9429 posts by the School Education Department while 11058 posts by the Tribal Affairs Department. Advertisement for this was issued on 19 October 2022.

about 60000 posts vacant

Earlier vacant posts are being reimbursed through the successful candidates of MPTET 2018. In 2018 the MP TET Class 1 & 2 Exam was conducted. The results were declared in August and October 2019. Among the recruitment of 40000 teachers, 30000 posts were sanctioned. Now even after recruiting 20000 posts, about 60000 posts are vacant.

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