Tansen Festival 2022: Local holiday on 19th, Divisional Commissioner and ADGP saw preparations, gave instructions. Local holiday in Gwalior on December 19, Divisional Commissioner and ADGP saw preparations, gave instructions

Tansen Samaroh 2022: Preparations are on for the Tansen Samaroh to be organized in the memory of music emperor Tansen to pay homage to him. The main music gatherings and decoration ceremony of Tansen Samaroh 2022 will be held at Sangir Shiromani Tansen’s Samadhi. Preparations for the ceremony have intensified, today on Thursday, Divisional Commissioner Deepak Singh, Gwalior IG/ADGP D Srinivas Verma inspected the venue of Tansen Samadhi i.e. program at Hazira. It may be noted that the country and the world’s most prestigious festival in the field of Indian classical music “Tansen Samaroh” will be held in the city of music, Gwalior, from December 18 to 23.

Local holiday on 19 December in Gwalior

Divisional Commissioner Deepak Singh has declared an additional local holiday on Monday, December 19 for the purpose of participation of maximum music lovers in the ceremony. This holiday will not be applicable for banks and treasuries. He instructed all the concerned officials related to the event that all the arrangements for the Tansen ceremony should be of high quality. The arrangements should be such that the music lovers can sit in a good environment and enjoy the concerts.

Big LED Screen Installation Instructions

The Divisional Commissioner said that there should be adequate seating arrangements for the music lovers in the main function to be organized at the Tansen Samadhi complex located at Hazira. Apart from the pandal of the main function, LED screens should also be installed in the additional pandal to be installed in front, so that when the number of music lovers increases, fans can enjoy the gatherings of Tansen Samaroh through the screen.

Special parking arrangement for “Gamak”

The Divisional Commissioner and Additional Director General of Police also directed that better parking arrangements should be made for the music lovers coming to the sub-classical music gathering “Gamak” to be held at Tansen Samadhi Complex and INTAK Maidan, the venue of the main event. The parking arrangement should be such that the fans can reach the venue by covering the least distance. Also, the traffic of the city should not be interrupted.

Instructions for imposing duty of executive magistrates

Divisional Commissioner Mr. Singh also gave instructions to impose duty of executive magistrates to maintain law and order at the venue. Mr. Singh told Municipal Corporation Commissioner Kishore Kanyal that special arrangements should be made for cleanliness at the venue.

Shehnai playing will start with Harikatha on December 19

The country and the world’s most prestigious festival in the field of Indian classical music “Tansen Samaroh” will be held at Sangeetdhani Gwalior from 18 to 23 December. On December 18, at 7 pm in the INTUC Maidan, a prelude “Gamak” will be organized as part of the ceremony. In which well-known Sufi singer Hansraj Hans will perform. Before “Gamak”, a grand folk art procession will start from Gujri Mahal Kilagate from 5 pm. Which will reach Intak Maidan, the venue of Gamak, while exhibiting its art. On December 19, in the morning at Tansen Samadhi, there will be Shehnai playing, Harikatha and Milad singing in the traditional way. On this day in the evening formally the ceremony will be inaugurated and the ornamentation ceremony will be held.

There will be a total of 13 Sangeet Sabhas including three Gamak Sabhas.

This year is the 98th year of Tansen Samaroh, in view of the centenary celebrations, this year’s Tansen Samaroh has been expanded. As part of the celebrations, apart from Gwalior, Gamak meetings will also be held in Shivpuri and Datia. The first meeting of Gamak will be held in Shivpuri on December 16, the second meeting in Datia on December 17 and the third meeting in Gwalior. As part of the ceremony, on December 22, a meeting will be organized in the premises of Bateshwar temple, a historic site located near village Padavali under Morena district. This meeting will be of classical music.

The last concert will be held at Behat, the birthplace of Tansen

The main function will be the first meeting on the evening of 19th December at the Tansen Samadhi Sthal. After this there will be morning meeting every day at 10 am and evening meeting from 6 pm. Seven music meetings will be held at the Tansen Samadhi complex and on the last day of the ceremony i.e. 23rd December, the morning meeting will be held at Behat, the birthplace of Sur Samrat and the last meeting will be organized in the Gujari Mahal complex located in the Gwalior fort in the evening.

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