Take care of yourself in this way in winter, enjoy the season to the fullest

Winter protection : Winter is here in full force and it is necessary to implement some habits to keep yourself healthy in this season. By the way, green vegetables and fruits are available in this season and in such a situation, you can increase your immunity by taking a healthy diet. But it is also necessary to avoid cold dry winds and cold waves. You can make the most of this season by taking a few protective steps, both indoors and outdoors.

winter protection

  • Stretch your body a bit before getting out of bed. Body stretching will help your body move and adjust the temperature inside and outside the comforter blanket.
  • If your bed is adjacent to the wall and it is an outer wall, then move the bed slightly away. At this time the walls also become cold and in such a situation if the bed is attached to it then you will feel more cold.
  • If you are wearing two blankets together, wear a thick and fur blanket close to your body. Put a thin blanket over it. Thin and slightly stiff blankets prevent heat from escaping.
  • Spread a light blanket or shawl over your bed sheet. This will help warm your bed. Nowadays heating blankets have also started coming, but if it is electric then be careful while using it.
  • If you are installing room heater to heat the room, then keep in mind that the room should not be completely closed. Keep the flow of oxygen smooth. Apart from the heater, you can also use a hot water bottle.
  • Often people wear sweaters, jackets but keep their heads uncovered. Most of the cold is felt from the head and feet. That’s why wear a cap on your head and socks on your feet.
  • Use ubtan while bathing in winter. In this season, the pores start getting closed, hence the bath of Ubtan is considered beneficial.
  • Massage with lukewarm oil. Massage has many benefits and lukewarm oil massage in this season is beneficial for your health as well as skin.
  • Consume hot beverages like hot milk, soup, green tea in this season. Drink lukewarm water too, it is better for both cold and digestion.
  • If you are going out of the house then take care of the temperature. Many times we get out of the heat of the heater and due to the low temperature outside, we get cold. That’s why after staying in normal temperature for a while, come out again.

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