Sudden blast in mobile battery, narrowly saved shop operator and customer

Ratlam News: Information has come to light about a blast in a mobile battery that came for repair in a mobile shop in Ratlam’s Javra. While checking the battery, it suddenly exploded in which the shopkeeper and the customer narrowly escaped. This entire incident has been captured in the CCTV camera installed in the shop.

The incident took place when an acquaintance of the shop operator Akram Ansari reached the shop to get the mobile battery replaced. Akram took out the battery and kept it on the counter and started checking it. On checking, suddenly there was a blast in the battery and a cloud of fire was seen rising on the spot. Seeing this, Ansari immediately retreated, due to which he was not harmed.

battery burnt twice

The shop operator told that at the time when this incident happened, two other people were also present in the shop. As soon as he saw the blast in the battery, he immediately retreated. The burning battery fell on the shop operator’s lap and even after extinguishing the fire, smoke was coming out of it, which was catching fire again, so it was extinguished by pouring water.

Vivo company’s mobile blasted

The incident of this blast in the mobile battery has been captured in CCTV. According to the information, this battery belonged to Vivo company’s mobile. Regarding the incident, the shop operator says that people should not keep bad mobile batteries at home or around them, it can be dangerous. He said that the battery was taken out for replacement and such an accident happened, thankfully no one was harmed.

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