Student hanged himself in Congress MLA’s official residence


Bhopal Suicide in Congress MLA’s Bungalow: A student committed suicide at the official residence of the Congress MLA in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Sensation spread as soon as the information about the incident spread, it is being told that Dindori’s Congress MLA Omkar Singh Markam has a government residence in Professor Colony, his residence A young man who was studying while living there committed suicide. A suicide note has also been found from the youth. In which he wrote to his parents that he was suffering from pain and did not want to live. The young man was undergoing treatment for cancer. Deceased 4 was living in the MLA’s bungalow for four years.

student of dindori

According to the information received from the police, according to Shyamala Hills police station, Tirath Singh’s father Shyam Singh was a resident of Dindori. He was studying MSc in Professor Colony, living in the bungalow of Omkar Singh, Congress MLA from Dindori. Tirath had cancer and was also undergoing treatment. He was very upset due to illness, Tirath Singh committed suicide on Saturday night by tying a pot to a fan. Staying in the other room with him at night, another young man from Dindori Jai is also studying MSc. He was not seen in the Tirath room at 11 pm. He went inside and saw Tirath hanging from the fan. He immediately informed the police. Police has received a suicide note from the spot. At present, the information about the incident has been given to the relatives of the deceased.

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