Strange case in Panna, horns started growing on woman’s head

Emerald Horns On Woman’s Head : A shocking case has come to light from village Makri under Ajaygarh tehsil of Panna district of Madhya Pradesh, where horns are mysteriously growing on the head of a woman. About three years ago, suddenly the hair of the woman’s head started falling and a crust started forming on her head. Then after this, a horn-shaped growth started from the head of the woman, the relatives of the woman took her to the doctor, where after examining the woman, the doctor was also surprised. Due to these horns, the woman is suffering a lot.

It is being told that the age of Mimiya Bai husband Munna Lal Kori, who lives in village Makri, is about 60 years. Horns have started coming out on Mimiya’s head for a few years, in this way there is a constant pain in the woman’s head due to the loss of horns.

not incurable disease

According to the doctors, this is not an incurable disease. In medical science, patients of this disease have been found before, it is believed that the disease is called siliceous horn, in this way horns start coming out anywhere in the human body. It is a matter of relief that its treatment is possible through surgery. This case is a bit critical due to this type of horn coming out in the woman’s head, so its treatment and surgery is not possible in the district hospital and small hospital. They can be treated at Rewa or Jabalpur Medical College.

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