Stalls of Atal ji’s favorite dishes will be set up at Gwalior Gaurav Divas celebrations, CM Shivraj gave these instructions. Stalls of Atal ji’s favorite dishes will be set up at the Gwalior Gaurav Divas celebrations organized on Atal ji’s birthday on 25th December

Gwalior Gaurav Divas: Preparations are in the final stages for Gwalior Pride Day to be held on December 25, the birthday of Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the son of former Prime Minister Gwalior, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan (CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan) himself Keeping an eye on the preparations, since yesterday till today, he has taken feedback of preparations from the officers of Gwalior District Administration twice.

CM Shivraj reviewed the preparations

Today on Saturday again, through video conference from Bhopal, he inquired about the preparations for Gwalior Gaurav Divas, he instructed that the “Gwalior ka Gaurav Divas” being celebrated on the birth anniversary of Atal ji should be celebrated like a festival. To be celebrated in a dignified manner.

Stalls of Atal ji's favorite dishes will be set up at the Gwalior Pride Day celebration, CM Shivraj gave these instructions

Stalls of Atal ji’s favorite dishes will be set up

Gwalior Collector Kaushalendra Vikram Singh told that on the pride day of Gwalior, stalls of dishes dear to Atal ji will be specially set up. Gwalior Gaurav Samman will be given to four distinguished persons for their remarkable achievements in the fields of social service, sports, music and science on Gaurav Divas.

Deepotsav will be celebrated in the city

He told that on the occasion of Gwalior Pride Day to be held on December 25 at 7:45 pm, Deepotsav will be celebrated by lighting lamps together in the city. It will also be broadcast on YouTube so that all the townspeople can enjoy the festival. Buses are also being arranged for people coming from nearby villages and towns of Gwalior.

Atal ji, the emperor of taste

People associated with Atal ji and especially the people of Gwalior know that Atal ji was an emperor of taste along with his personality, two special dishes of Gwalior always remained with him till the last moment of his life, he was given Bahadura Halwai located in Naya Bazar, Gwalior. Laddoos made of desi ghee and mangoes made by aunt who made mangoes of moong dal on the pavement near Agrasen Park on the road in Daulatganj were very much liked, whenever someone used to go to Delhi to meet Atal ji, he would definitely take these two special dishes Some people used to take half-ripe, half-raw mangoes and then they were fried again in Delhi for Atal ji.

All programs are completely free

Collector told that the birthday of Bharat Ratna and former Prime Minister revered Atal Bihari Vajpayee will be celebrated as Gwalior Pride Day on 25th December. On this day, from 4:30 pm, a grand event will be held at Maharaj Bada, the heart of the city, amidst colorful lights. All the cultural programs organized on this occasion are completely free of cost. No admit card or pass is required. He has appealed to the people of Gwalior to participate in the joy of this grand event.

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