South’s superstar Allu Arjun caught the path of Hollywood, can enter from Marvel or DC movie

South's superstar Allu Arjun caught the path of Hollywood, can enter from Marvel or DC movie

Mumbai, Desk Report. South superstar Dhanush has turned to Hollywood, so where was Pushpa starrer Allu Arjun going to be behind? Allu Arjun’s movie ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ earned a lot at the box office, after which his chances of entering Hollywood have increased. Now he is making sure that how he enters Hollywood. According to the information, Allu Arjun held a meeting with many big people at the India Day Parade, New York.

Allu Arjun has been doing meetings with the superhero franchise for the past several days. According to reports, Allu Arjun is included in the list of the latest star to enter Hollywood. Allu Arjun may join the list of Indian actors who have done a superhero franchise film.

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Along with Tollywood star, Bollywood star also tried his hand in Hollywood web series

Recently Farhan Akhtar made his debut in MCU. He appeared in the web series ‘Miss Marvel’. Shahrukh Khan also took entry through the Cinematic Universe. His name has come in it. Dhanush was recently seen in the film ‘The Gray Man’ with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Alia Bhatt is also going to be seen in the Hollywood film ‘Heart of Stone’ with Gal Gadot.

Allu Arjun shared a photo on Instagram in which he was seen standing on New York’s Times Square, behind which was Allu’s photo on the billboard. Allu also led the India Day Parade in New York. With this, Allu Arjun has also started shooting for ‘Pushpa: The Rule’. The official release date of this film has not been announced yet. But there are speculations that the film will be released by August 2023.

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