Son killed his mentally challenged father. Jabalpur son killed mentally challenged old father. jabalpur news


Jabalpur Murder of Old Man: There is a shocking revelation in the murder of an old man in Jabalpur. Disclosing the blind murder that took place on November 26, the police said that the son of the deceased had carried out the incident. During interrogation, the accused told the police that his father was mentally unwell, serving whom he was fed up, so he killed his father.

this was the case
Station in-charge Panagar Vijay Ambhore had received information about the murder of a person in Kasahi village on November 26 in police station Panagar. On reaching Kasahi, wife Guddibai Prajapati told that she works as a labourer. Her husband Munnalal Prajapati age 55 years works in Gupta Traders in Madai Ranjhi. On 26.11.2022 at 8.30 am she and her husband Munnalal Rajak left home for wages. She and her husband went together till village Jhurjhuru bridge.
From there she went to village Jhurjhuru to work at Gaurav Sharma’s site with contractor Virendra Mahobia and her husband went to Madai Ranjhi on foot. She was returning home in the evening sitting on a motorcycle with Rahul God, a village laborer who worked with her. At around 5.30 pm, as soon as we turned from Jhurjhuru canal bridge and proceeded towards village Kasahi through a rough road, a person was seen lying on the way. Seeing whose clothes she recognized that her husband is Munnalal.

husband was breathing

When she reached near, she saw that there were injury marks on the husband’s face and throat and blood was coming out. There was blood on the clothes and cap and her husband was crying ah ah. She called the contractor Virendra Mahobia after calling Rahul and brought her husband home with the help of Rahul and Virendra Mahobia on a motor cycle. Her husband Munnalal Prajapati was murdered by an unknown person by injuring his face and throat with a sharp weapon.

How did the police find out

In the investigation, it was found that the deceased Munnalal and his son Brijendra Prajapati used to have disputes in their house. Son Brajendra who does the driving told on inquiry that he was going to Chhindwara by loading goods from Parle factory Richhai. On getting the information near Bhedaghat, he had reached back by parking the vehicle on the roadside. While it was known on Patasaji that on the day of the incident, DJ was being loaded in Brajendra’s vehicle at village Nipania. Brijendra was missing from Nipania Goa for 2 hours. When in doubt, the deceased Munnalal’s son Brijendra Prajapati alias Bijju was strictly interrogated, then Brijendra told that his father Munnalal Prajapati was mentally weak and used to go to the latrine bathroom all of a sudden while eating or sleeping at home. He had to do the cleaning himself, due to which he had made up his mind to kill his father about a month back. On 26-11-22, his father Munnalal was returning after work from Ranjhi, on the way he got an opportunity on the canal side, he first stabbed father Munnalal’s face with a knife, when father Munnalal fell on the ground, he strangled his father with his foot. Was murdered.

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