Some distance away from the police station, the dead body was burnt after killing a young man in the middle of the city, the accused absconded. A young man was murdered and burnt some distance away from the police station, the accused absconded

Gwalior Crime News: In Gwalior, miscreants killed a person some distance away from the police station and then burnt his dead body and ran away, the police do not even know at what time the incident took place, in the morning when someone informed the police station, the police reached there and investigated the matter. Started investigation. At present the deceased is unknown, the accused is absconding.

The passers-by were horrified to see the half-burnt dead body of a person under the Padav railway bridge in Gwalior, they informed the Padav police station, when the police reached the spot, they were also horrified when they saw the dead body, the half-burnt body was visible of a young man.

TI Vivek Asthana inquired the people around but no one could tell anything, the special thing is that the Excise Department’s office is only 10 steps away from where the dead body was found, no information was received from there also, There is a small temple built nearby, there are pictures of Gods and Goddesses on the wall, so the police is investigating from all angles.

The police called the forensic expert and conducted the necessary investigation, at present the person who died is unknown and the killers are absconding, but the special thing is that due to the murder of a young man a short distance from the police station in the heart of the city, the functioning of the police and People are raising questions on night patrolling.

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