Smuggler carrying liquor fell on the road along with the car, people looted the bottles

Jabalpur liquor smuggler road accident: People laughed at a road accident in Jabalpur on Friday, when this accident proved to be beneficial for the people, in fact, a liquor smuggler going in his Activa at a high speed while avoiding the police and excise, turned upside down along with the vehicle. Go fell As soon as the young man fell, the liquor box was scattered on the road, then what was there, seeing the liquor lying on the road, people also started looting liquor. Some people started making his video, the young man got scared after seeing the video being made, somehow the young man kept a box of liquor in the car while hiding his face and got dizzy from there.

It is being told that on Friday evening, a young man was going from Jabalpur city towards Amkhera by riding in Activa mp20- sm 0857, when two of the three boxes of liquor kept in his Activa fell on the road. As soon as the wine box fell, the bottles scattered on the road. As soon as he saw liquor on the road, the young man parked his car on the middle of the road and started picking up the bottle of liquor, during which some people also picked up the liquor scattered on the road, when the local people standing on the spot started making video of it from mobile, they showed their faces. Hiding the liquor box in the car, he ran away.

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