Sleeping in a sweater in winter can be dangerous for health, know the disadvantages. Don’t sleep wearing a sweater at night in winter, these 4 big losses will be on health

Winter Season: The new year is about to start, winters are also showing their colors with full swing, in such a situation, people are adopting many ways to avoid the cold air of these winters. One of these ways is to sleep wearing a sweater at night.

Due to excessive cold, people are adopting this method, but do you know that doing so can be harmful to your health, yes, sleeping in a sweater causes many damages to health, let us tell you about the disadvantages of sleeping by wearing a sweater. Tells about.

Disadvantages of sleeping in sweater in winter

1. There is a risk of bacterial infection

Sleeping in sweaters and warm socks at night poses a risk of bacterial infection, so remove the sweater when you are going to sleep.

2. There may be a drop in blood pressure

Wearing more clothes can increase the heat and you may start sweating, due to this sweating, the blood pressure of your body may fall due to which you may also faint.

3. Heaviness in the chest

Sleeping at night wearing more clothes can cause a feeling of heaviness in the chest. This can increase your risk of heart disease and also increases the chances of heart attack. Especially people who have a history of heart disease should not sleep wearing a sweater at night.

4. Dehydration problem

Due to wearing a sweater, the body gets heated up and starts sweating. There can be a problem of dehydration in the body due to sweating, so it is said not to wear warm clothes while sleeping.

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