Sidhi News: Terror of wild boars in Sidhi, attacked a woman who went to collect wood. Terror of wild boars in Sidhi, attack on woman who went to collect wood

Sidhi News: Once again the menace of wild boars has been seen in Sidhi of Madhya Pradesh. Actually, this is the incident of Damka Tola in the forest of Beat Karmai of Majhauli forest range of Majhauli district. Where the woman was attacked by a wild boar. Due to which she was injured, after which there was a stir in the area. At the same time, the local people hurriedly brought the woman to the Health Center Majhauli with the help of an ambulance. Where he is being treated by doctors.

The woman had gone to collect wood in the forest.

According to the information received, this incident happened with Maniya Baiga, a resident of Damka Tola of Karmai village, when she had gone to collect wood in the forest. The age of the woman is said to be 55 years. Tell that the people of the village often go to the nearby forest to collect wood for household chores. At the same time, there is also the terror of pigs in the forest. They make one or the other their victim every day.

Forest area officer provided financial help

The local people told that, as soon as the information about the incident came, the family members and the entire villagers gathered. Due to which he went towards the forest after making the woman bleed. After which the Forest Range Officer was informed in a hurry. As soon as the information was received, Circle Officer Manish Pandey reached the spot and helped in taking the woman to the hospital. Not only this, he also provided financial assistance of Rs 1,000 to the injured woman. Also, assured help even after treatment.

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