Shivraj gave hints, Madhya Pradesh may enact more stringent law against love jihad

Indore CM Statement : Giving a big statement in Indore, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that he will not allow the game of love-jihad to continue on the land of Madhya Pradesh at any cost. Whoever cheats our children, marries them and cuts them into 35 pieces, we will not tolerate it. If necessary, a new strict law will be made against love-jihad. At the same time, the CM said that it would not be possible to marry a tribal woman to grab land. He also gave information about PESA Act from the stage. Said that he is the master trainer of this act.

CM gave information about PESA Act

He further said that I want to say to this leadership, “This money is not against anyone.” Congressmen are not able to do anything, so they are instigating others that they are against you. Mama is clearly saying, “Pesa is not against anyone. Not against the general class, not even against the backward class. This occupation is in favor of the tribals. This will be applicable in 89 blocks. Will be applicable in the village, will not be applicable in the city. If brothers and sisters of other castes live in the village, then they will also participate in the Gram Sabha of PESA, they will not be left out. Brother, no one should do this unnecessarily provocative talk.

This right was given to the Gram Sabha

The CM said that now the right to pluck and sell tendu leaves is also being given to the Gram Sabha. Will you pluck Tendupatta…will you sell Tendupatta….? Now the government will not run from Bhopal but from Chaupal. We will sell and the foresters will help.

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