Shipra purification will be done with a project of 598 crores, Kanh’s dirty water will be diverted

Ujjain News: Many projects have been run in the last 21 years to make Mokshadayini Maa Shipra pure and flowing. Even after this the situation remains the same. The water of the dirty drains gets mixed in the Shipra river, due to which the lifeline becomes dirty. In the last 21 years, about 650 crore rupees have been spent on the operation of three projects. Even after this, Shipra is dirty because the polluted and dirty water coming from Kanh river from Indore side has not been diverted. Apart from this, the water of the drains of the city is also continuously getting in Shipra.

Now many development and construction works are being done in Ujjain. Meanwhile, keeping in mind Simhastha 2028, work is going on on the underground canal project worth 598 crores. It is being told about the project that through this the water of Kanh will be prevented from getting into the Shipra river and it will be diverted. This project has been approved and after the process of tender, it is being said that the work will start from the year 2023. The information about making a project and working on it has come to the fore. But the big question is whether this project will prove to be a dud like the other projects adopted before it or will Shipra really be purified.

such is the project

Under this project of underground canal, a 4.5 meter rectangular canal of RCC box shape will be prepared. The length will be 16.7 kilometers and the width will be 4.5 meters and apart from rain, 40 cusecs of water can be diverted from it. Through the canal, the dirty water of Kanh river will be diverted from Gothda stop dam and left in Kaliyadeh Mahal area. The initial and last 100 meters of the canal will be kept open and the responsibility of its operation, maintenance and cleanliness will be given to the construction agency only.

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