Share Market: Sensex and Nifty closed at all time high, know how fast it was. Today Sensex closed at all time high with a gain of 184.54 points and Nifty 54.20 points

Share Market Update: The all-time boom that has been going on in the stock market for the last few days was also visible on Thursday, today on the first day of the new month, 01 December 2022, the stock market (Share Market Today 01 December 2022)’s opening was fast and closing was also fast, the special thing is that both opening and closing remained all time high till now.

Today on Thursday, the stock market once again gained momentum, at the time of closing the market, the Sensex closed at a level of 63283.19 points with a gain of 184.54 points, which is the all-time high closing of the Sensex, while the Nifty was 54.20 points. It closed at 18812.50 points, which is the all-time high closing of Nifty.

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